Cars with kids – summary overview

Things have been moving quickly in terms of legislation to prohibit
smoking in vehicles with kids.  Below is an updated overview.

In Canada, there are now five provinces/territories (BC, ON, NS, PEI,
Yukon) that have brought forward legislation to prohibit smoking in
vehicles with children, and three others (NB, Man, Nfld & Lab) that have
said that they are considering it or watching what other provinces are
doing. Nova Scotia (age 19) and Yukon Territory (age 18) have adopted
legislation.   Government bills have been introduced and are before
provincial legislatures in B.C. (Bill 36) and Ontario (Bill 69).  The
PEI Government has tabled a draft bill.  New Brunswick is considering
it. Manitoba and Newfoundland and Labrador are watching what other
provinces are doing.   As well, a private member’s bill has been
introduced in Manitoba, and a news report says that an Alberta MLA will
introduce a private member’s bill.  Laws have also been adopted in
Wolfville (Nova Scotia), the U.S. states of California, Maine, Arkansas
and Louisiana, the U.S. municipalities of Bangor (Maine), Keyport (New
Jersey), and Rockland County (New York), as well as Puerto Rico and the
Australian states of South Australia and Tasmania.